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Door and Board Lifter Maintenance and Care

Door and Board Lifter Maintenance and Care

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Door lifter, board lifter, panel lifter, plasterboard lifter, drywall lifter Door and board lifters are generally simple tools which shouldn’t require much maintenance and as long as you use them within their specifications they should last a long time.

Clean and store

Keep tools clean and dry to ensure they work properly If the lifter gets dirt or other substances on it, you should clean and dry it before storing to reduce the chance of corrosion. You should store the lifter where it will not get damaged and can’t be affected by exposure to the elements.

Oil moving parts

Oil any moving parts on door lifters or board lifters If the door or board lifter has any moving parts they will benefit from occasional¬†oiling with a general-purpose oil. This should ensure they stay in good working order and any steel parts don’t rust.
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