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What diagonal cutting pliers sizes are available?

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Different lengths of the same model of diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, cutters, means different handle lengths. The length of diagonal cutting pliers is nearly always stated in the product description. They vary between 140mm and 200mm. This length is from the tip of the jaws to the tips of the handles. If a model comes in different lengths, the jaws will all be the same length but the handles will be longer or shorter.
Best if a pair of diagonal cutting pliers are light and comfortable. Sometimes the weight is also stated in the product description. Obviously, it is best for diagonal cutting pliers to be quite light as they need to be carried around a lot and used comfortably.
Thick steel spring needs heavier diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, cutters so they don't get damaged. However, heavier models usually have the benefit of being able to cut thicker or harder wires.
Light and heavy duty diagonal side cutting pliers, cutters, nippers. As a general rule, for light work cutting small copper wires, the diagonal cutting pliers can be smaller and lighter. On the other hand, if you want to cut piano wire all day, a pair with a wide jaw and thick blades would be better despite their heavier and bulkier frame.
Shorthand for diameter, steel and copper to describe what wire can be cut by the diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, wire cutters. The cutting capacity (the thickness of different wire metals that can be cut with the tool) will be written in the technical specifications. Sometimes they are also written on the tool’s handles using their chemical symbols along with the corresponding maximum wire diameter that can be cut. Although this is only a guide to what can be cut using your pliers, cutting anything harder than the materials stated will potentially damage your diagonal cutting pliers.
Set of pliers and diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, wire cutters. Diagonal cutting pliers can be bought separately or in a set with other pliers.