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What are diagonal cutting pliers coated with?

What are diagonal cutting pliers coated with?

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Rust inhibitor lubricates pivot and protects diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, wire cutters. Diagonal cutting pliers are usually coated with a rust inhibitor which lubricates the joint as well as providing resistance to corrosion.
Chrome plated diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, wire cutters. A few models are plated in chromium which helps to prevent corrosion and provides an attractive finish.
Copper and nickel are coated on the diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers or wire cutters before chromium The chrome-plating process involves placing parts in a vat, or bath, and using electrical currents to bind thin layers of a metal to the parts. A copper layer is applied first to increase the electrical conductivity of the pliers (how easily electricity can pass through it), then layers of nickel which protect the copper against corrosion and, finally, layers of chromium.
Titanium is used to coat joints of some diagonal side cutting pliers, cutters, nippers. Other models may have titanium coatings on their joints. Titanium is a very corrosion resistant and durable metal, perfect for reinforcing the moving parts of diagonal cutting pliers.

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