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What are diagonal cutting pliers?

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Diagonal side cutting pliers, cutters, nippers. Diagonal cutting pliers are used for cutting wires, screws and nails. They are known by many different names: side cutting pliers, side cutters, nippers and wire cutters, to name but a few!
Handles and blades are at angles to each other so that diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, cutters can be used more easily. They are called diagonal cutting pliers because the cutting blades are at an angle to the handles. This makes it easier to cut items close to something solid without the handles getting in the way.
Electricians are the main people to use diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, cutters. They are small hand tools originally designed for electricians to cut small wires but they are so useful they can be found in almost every toolbox.
Wonkee Donkee says: Did you know? There are over 100 types of pliers!
Read on to the following pages to find out about diagonal side cutting pliers, nippers, cutter. If you don’t have a pair of diagonal cutting pliers already, read on to discover what you’re missing!