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What is a compression fitting spanner used for?

What is a compression fitting
spanner used for?

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Tightening compression fitting nut with compression fitting spanner This type of spanner is used to tighten compression nuts when creating a compression fitting either between two pieces of pipe or between a pipe and a shut off valve.
Compression fitting A compression fitting is used to connect two pieces of pipe, normally in small or awkward areas, where welding the pipes could be difficult or dangerous. Examples include under sinks or behind toilets where the space is confined.

The compression nut is tightened around the joint using the spanner, which then seals the olive around the pipe, creating a watertight seal.

Why use a compression fitting?

labelled compression fitting; compression nut, Joint, Olive and Pipe A compression fitting is used where welding the joint may be too dangerous or difficult. Compression joints are also used for connections that may need to be taken apart at a later date.
Wonkee Donkee says Compression fittings can be easily unscrewed to take the joint apart and replace it if it becomes damaged.
Compression fitting

Advantages of using compression fittings:

  • They are widely available at most DIY stores
  • They can be reused and replaced (with a new olive) if dismantled.
*Plumbing under sink

Disadvantages of using compression fittings:

  • They are often considered clumsy-looking compared to soldered joints
  • The tightening of joints can be difficult in awkward places.

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