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Double-Ended Compression Fitting Spanner

Double ended compression fitting spanner

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Double ended compression fitting spanner The double ended compression fitting spanner has two spanner heads which are different sizes to fit different sized compression nuts.
Double ended spanner sizes; 32mm & 24mm The smaller head is 24mm (0.9″) wide to tighten 15mm (0.6″) compression nuts and the larger head is 32mm (1.25″) wide to fit 22mm (0.8″) compression nuts.

Split ring compression fitting spanners

Split ring compression fitting spanner There is another type of double ended compression fitting spanner called a split ring compression fitting spanner. The jaw of this spanner is still shaped to match the grooves of a compression fitting nut inside but has a smaller ring shaped outer head.

The two heads are 24mm (0.9″) and 32mm (1.25″) wide, the same as a regular double ended compression fitting spanner.

Tight fitting in copper pipes The smaller head makes it perfect for fitting in tight spaces, for example when the fitting is between a number of pipes. This types of compression fitting spanner is, however, slightly more expensive.

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