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How to create a compression fitting using a compression fitting spanner?

How to create a compression fitting using
a compression fitting spanner

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Compression fitting pieces

Step 1 – Acquire fitting

Compression fittings can be found at most DIY stores and are made up of a joint, compression ring (olive) and a compression nut. Make sure you also have the right size of compression fitting spanner for your nut.

Compression fitting

Step 2 – Turn off water

Turn off your water supply.

Place the compression nut over one piece of copper piping, making sure the tapered end of the nut faces the end of the pipe.

Place an olive over the pipe following the nut.

Compression fitting

Step 3 – Place nut and olive on second pipe

Repeat step 2 with another compression nut and olive on the second piece of pipe.

making a compression fitting step 4

Step 4 – Tighten compression nuts with fingertips

Place the union/joint in-between the two pieces of pipe and push it onto the pipe until it reaches both compression nuts.

Tighten the compression nuts with your fingertips so that the two pipes are joined together.

Making a compression fitting step 5

Step 5 – Tighten with compression fitting spanner

Hold the centre of the union with a wrench, and with your other hand tighten both compression nuts with a compression fitting spanner by one full turn clockwise.

You should feel the olive being compressed, but be careful not to over tighten and crush it.

wonkee donkee says; If you want to remove a compression fitting nut turn the compression fitting spanner anti-clockwise.
Compression fitting step 6

Step 6 – Turn water back on

Slowly turn the water back on and if there are any drips or leakage tighten a quarter turn at a time until the leak has stopped.

Using PTFE tape

Step 7 – Use PTFE tape

If the leaking will not stop, even with extra tightening or you have a leak on an old compression fitting, PTFE tape can be used to secure the fitting.

Unscrew the nut and wrap PTFE tape around the olive about three times then re-tighten the nut.

   Wonkee Donkee says PTFE stands for Polytetraflouroethylene, what a mouthful!

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