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What is a compression fitting spanner?

What is a compression fitting spanner?

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Compression fitting spanner A compression fitting spanner is specially designed for tightening compression nuts as part of a compression fitting.
Regular spanner and compression fitting spanner Regular spanners can be used for compression fittings, however, as their jaws are not designed to match a compression fitting nut they may not be as accurate and may slip on the nut in comparison to using a compression fitting spanner.
Wonkee donkee says;Compression fitting spanners are designed to fit compression nuts by either having a half hexagon (four grooved) shaped spanner jaw or two grooved and rounded jaw, this is so the spanner fits the compression fitting nut perfectly.
Double ended compression fitting spanner and single ended compression spanner Compression fitting spanners can be single or double ended.

What is a compression fitting?

Compression fitting; compression nut, compression ring & union A compression fitting is a set of two compression nuts, a joint or union, and two compression rings (olives). It is used to connect two pieces of either copper or plastic piping together during plumbing work.
   Wonkee donkee says do not get confused in terms of plumbing an olive is a copper or plastic ring and not a type of food!

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