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What bolt cutter sizes are available?

What bolt cutter sizes are available?

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Image of man with question marks, representing possible confusion over the inconsistent metric sizing of bolt cutters Regular bolt cutters come in a range of sizes. Confusingly, though, manufacturers are inconsistent in their conversions of Imperial to metric size, so that models of 430mm, 450mm and 460mm are all sold as 18″ tools.

Regular-sized bolt cutters

Long-handled blue bolt cutters The sizes of bolt cutters available are: 300mm (12″); 350mm (14″); 450mm (18″); 600mm 24″; 750mm (30″); 900mm (36″); 1.05m (42″)  and 1.2m (48″).

Compact bolt cutters

Pair of 8" (200mm) red compact bolt cutters Compact bolt cutters are 200mm (8″) in length or less.

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