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How to cut off a bolt nail or screw with bolt cutters?

How to cut off a bolt, nail or screw with bolt cutters

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Angle head bolt cutters with distance marked of how far handle tips are raised from surface (60mm) For cutting things like rusted bolts and nails protruding from a surface, it is best to use a pair of special angled-head bolt cutters which are designed to keep the jaws flush to the surface. Compact-size bolt cutters should be quite adequate for the job.
A general-purpose nail with flat head

Step 1 – Assess material

As with cutting other metals, it is important to assess the material you are going to tackle with your bolt cutters, to check that it is not hardened. Most nails, bolts and screws, however, should not be.

Angle head bolt cutter closed tightly around nail they are about to cut

Step 2 – Position material

Manoeuvre the cutters to the deepest possible position on the shank of the bolt, screw or nail for the strongest cut. If a bolt is fastened too tightly for you to access the shank, you will have to cut the head instead – aim to cut as close to the bottom as possible to keep your tool from slipping.

Bolt cutters cutting through excess material on a bolt on a staircase

Step 3 – Apply force

Press handles together smartly and the upper part of the nail or bolt should easily snap off cleanly.

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