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Are there any alternatives to bolt cutters?

Are there any alternatives to bolt cutters?

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Image to illustrate that some objects are resistant to bolt cutters due to being harder than the metal used in the cutters' blades Some materials which might require cutting are made of hardened steel, which has been tempered (usually heated with other subtances and then rapidly cooled). These materials are usually resistant to bolt cutters.
Round, hardened polished steel padlock Some padlock shafts, for example, are made of hardened steel. This kind of strong, rigid product can be tackled instead by the powered cutters below.

Angle grinder

Person using an angle grinder to cut off a bolt protruding from a surface An angle grinder can successfully cut through hardened steel because, rather than attempting to slice it, its fast-spinning blade grinds the metal and eventually cuts right through it.

Hand-held rotary cutter

A dremel tool which is a small handheld power device with a small circular cutting head. A hand-held rotary cutter is small and easily-manoeuvrable. It is therefore useful for narrow spaces where an angle grinder cannot fit. It performs the same job as an angle grinder, rapidly filing off tiny flakes of material until it cuts right through.

Diamond or carbide-tipped circular saw

Circular saw blade, the edge of which is coated with tungsten carbide, designed to cut through very hard materials An industrial power saw with a diamond-edged or carbide-tipped blade will cut through hardened steel.

Hydraulic bolt cutters

Rescue worker using hydraulic bolt cutters to cut into body of a white car Another alternative to manual bolt cutters is a set of hydraulic bolt cutters. These are often used by the emergency services in rescue situations where fast, high powered jaws are required to force entry or cut away obstructions.
Hydraulic bolt cutters about to cut length of thick steel rebar Hydraulic bolt cutters can deliver a cutting force of up to 11 tonnes and can cut through high-strength metals such as rebar (steel reinforcement bars used in building) and heavy padlocks and chains up to a diameter of 16mm (5/8″).

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