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What is a cordless power tool battery and charger?

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A selection of different batteries for cordless power tools. A battery stores electricity to power electrical devices, in this case cordless power tools such as cordless drill drivers.
Cordless power tools require rechargeable batteries to provide energy to function. A battery only lasts a certain length of time before all the energy is used up. The battery is either a ‘primary’ battery which means it cannot be recharged and must be recycled; or it is a ‘secondary’ battery or ‘rechargeable’ battery which means the energy inside the battery can be restored. This guide is only concerned with rechargeable batteries suitable for use in cordless power tools.
Three types of battery and charger: nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, lithium ion. There are three types of rechargeable battery used for cordless power tools: Nickel cadmium (NiCd, pronounced “nye-cad”), nickel metal hydride (NiMH, usually just referred to as ‘metal hydride’) and lithium ion (Li-ion, pronounced ‘lye eye-on’) batteries.
Chargers are used to recharge battery packs for cordless power tools to use. A rechargeable battery can be recharged using a charger. The charger passes modified electricity from the mains power through the battery and ‘resets’ it so it is ready to work again.
Cordless power tool set with battery and charger. Cordless power tools often come in a set with one or two batteries and a compatible charger, although cordless power tools can often be bought as a ‘bare unit’ without battery or charger, which are then purchased separately.