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Are there any alternatives to cordless power tool batteries and chargers?

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Corded mains powered power tools need to be plugged into an electrical mains source. The alternatives to using batteries, chargers and cordless power tools is to use tools that need to be plugged into the mains to power them, or hand tools.
Using a corded mains powered power tool instead of a battery powered one. The main advantage of corded tools is that you have continuous power for as long as you need to use the tool instead of having to change the battery every time it runs down.
It's not always suitable to use a corded mains powered power tool. On the other hand, you have to be near a power supply to use corded power tools, which is not always possible.
Screwdriver is an alternative to cordless power tools. Hand tools are a much cheaper and easier option for small jobs but they can be very time-consuming and tiring for tougher jobs.

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