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What are the parts of a cordless power tool battery charger?

What are the parts of a cordless power tool battery charger?

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Cordless power tool rechargeable battery charger parts: casing, contacts, charging port, diagnostic LEDs, cooling system.

Charging port

Dual port charger that can charge two rechargeable power tool batteries. The charging port is the part of the charger which you slide your battery pack onto or into to charge it. Most chargers have just one port while others have multiple ports.


Charger contacts connect to the contacts of a power tool to pass electricity into them to recharge the battery. The contacts are made from a conductive metal which touches the battery contacts when the battery is in the charging port. This completes the electrical circuit and allows the battery to be recharged.

Power lead

Chargers for rechargeable power tool batteries plug into the mains electricity supply. The power lead plugs into the mains electricity and provides the energy needed to recharge the battery using the charger. The lead is permanently attached to the charger on most models.

Diagnostic LEDs

LED diagnostic lights on a rechargeable power tool battery charger. The diagnostic LEDs show different charging statuses and conditions. The simplest will just indicate when the battery pack is charging, charged or there is an error. Others include information on the temperature of the battery and charger and if there is a problem with the power source or battery.

Cooling system

Chargers need to keep the batteries cool when they are charging them. Many chargers include a cooling fan system to prevent overheating of the battery or charger because the charging process produces a lot of heat.
Wonkee Donkee says:Wonkee Donkee says: You’ve probably noticed something similar when you plug your laptop in to charge. The battery gets very hot and the laptop fan whirrs on.


Casing creates plastic base for charger to sit on tables and charge batteries. The casing is made from plastic, an electrical insulator. It keeps the electronic parts together and also provides a stable base on which to charge a battery pack so it doesn’t fall over even if the battery is heavy. Some casings are designed to be hooked onto a wall.

Printed information

Meaning of printed information on charger of cordless power tool battery. Sometimes charger information is printed on the side of the casing but most of it is on the base of the charger, either printed directly onto the casing or on a sticker. The most important information is under primary (Prim.) and secondary (Sec.). Primary is a description of the electrical input the charger requires (usually UK household mains power). Secondary is a description of the electrical output into the battery.
Information in symbols and pictograms on the charger of a cordless power tool battery. The charger will also use symbols to provide concise information. The charger manual will have definitions for the symbols or you can read the page What do the symbols on cordless power tool batteries and chargers mean? for the most common ones.

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