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How to use a cordless power tool battery and charger?

How to use a cordless power tool battery and charger

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Batteries and chargers are easy to use. Cordless power tool batteries and chargers are very simple to use so you don’t have to think about them much and can get on with your job. The most important thing to remember is to use compatible batteries, chargers and cordless power tools.

Fitting a battery

Line up the slide-on battery to fit the battery into the cordless power tool.

Step 1 – Line battery up

If the battery is a slide-on style battery, line the battery up so the ‘tongue’ travels between the grooves or ‘rails’ of the cordless power tool.

Line up the post of battery with the hole in cordless power tool. If the battery is a post style battery, line the post up with the hole in the cordless power tool ensuring the battery is the correct way round (the shape of the hole will mean you cannot put it in the wrong way round).
Push the battery in until it goes click into the cordless power tool or charger.

Step 2 – Click into place

Slide or push the battery into place ensuring it makes an audible click as the catch fits into place. If it doesn’t, the battery isn’t fitted properly and could fall out during use. Pull it back out and try again. If you find you need to force the battery in, something is wrong. Remove the battery and check for obstructions before trying again.

Removing a battery

Release the trigger pf the cordless power tool to stop using and allow moving parts to top before removing the battery.

Step 1 – Stop cordless power tool use

Stop using the power tool and allow any moving parts to come to a stop before attempting to remove the battery.

Press the release button to undo the catch and remove the battery pack.

Step 2 – Press release button/s

On the top or side(s) of the battery there are one or two release buttons. Press these to undo the catch. The buttons are usually a different colour so you can locate them easily.

Slide the battery pack out of the cordless power tool or charger.

Step 3 – Remove the battery

Slide the battery out of the cordless power tool.

Using a charger

Unplug cordless power tool battery chargers from the wall by the plug not the cord.

Step 1 – Plug in charger

Plug the charger cord into a suitable socket. Most chargers run on normal 230V household power source. Turn the socket on.

A steady red light shows that the battery is charging.

Step 2 – Fit battery

Fit the battery into the charger in the same way as in the above section Fitting a battery. Use the diagnostic LEDs to tell if the battery has started charging. This is often indicated by a steady red light but check your the charger manual to be sure.

Steady green light shows the battery is charged.

Step 3 – Remove battery

Remove the battery when the diagnostic LEDs show the battery is full. This is usually indicated by a steady green light or an alarm noise but, again, check your manual to be sure. The size and manufacturer both affect the charge time of a battery. Newer technology and smaller batteries will charge the fastest.

Plug the charger for a rechargeable battery for a cordless power tool in and turn it on at the wall.

Step 4 – Unplug charger

Switch the socket power off and unplug the charger for storage after use to avoid any damage occurring to it such as dirt getting into the terminals.

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