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What are the parts of a box spanner tap wrench?

What are the parts of a box spanner tap wrench?

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Box spanner tap wrench, 323F Tap Back Nut Box Spanner Monument tap back nut box spanner which is double ended, for quick assembly of tap back nuts on basins. Size: 27 and 32mm. Technical Specs Size: 27 and 32mm.
box spanner basin tap wrench 1/2 inch 3/4 inch spanner plumbing tools wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Box spanners come in a wide variety of sizes, but for removing tap backnuts you’ll only really need a box spanner that can be used on 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch fittings.

32mm box spanner

hex box spanner box spanner 32mm hexagonal fitting basin wrench tap spanner bath spanner plumbing wonkee donkee tools DIY guide The 32mm box spanner is a hexagonally-shaped metal tube which has an internal diameter of 32mm for fitting over nuts.

The tight-fitting socket allows the user to tighten or loosen 3/4 inch nuts and fittings.

27mm box spanner

27mm hexagonal box spanner TM Metric Box Spanners Double ended box spanners are thinner than a socket and are much longer so that they can be used to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts in narrow recesses, meaning that they are often used in plumbing maintenance and automotive repair. This tubular box spanner is made from bright plated steel and able to accommodate a tommy bar. The opposite end of the box spanner consists of a smaller 27mm hexagonal metal tube with an internal diameter of 27mm for tightening or loosening 1/2 inch nuts and fittings.

Tommy-bar handle

Fixed basin tap wrench, Basin Wrench Basin wrench 1/2in x 3/4in, (15 X 22mm) accurately manufactured from cast iron. Ideal for use in awkward places, eg. back nuts fitted to taps behind sinks or baths. The Tommy-bar (often called a “T-bar”) handle is a short metal rod that can be inserted into either of the holes in the body of the box spanner.

The handle is then used to apply leverage and rotational force to the box spanner, thus turning your required nut or fitting.

Holes in a box spanner tap wrench

Holes of box spanner Tap Back Nut Spanner 27 x 32mm, Tommy Bar Faithfull Tap backnut spanner is a double ended box spanner used for the removal or fitting of brass and nylon tap back nuts on basins. Supplied complete with a Tommy bar. Spanner Sizes: 27mm and 32mm. The body of the basin box spanner has two sets of holes through which you can insert the T-bar handle.

The T-bar handle can be positioned at the top or bottom depending on which end of the spanner you are using or the level of access you have available.

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