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Are there other types of basin tool available?

Are there other types of basin tool available?

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Universal spanner (basin key or tap tool)

tap tool under sink fittings tap back nuts basin wrench sink wrench tap tool bathroom tool This type of universal spanner is sometimes called a basin key or a tap tool. It is a multi-function tool that is used to tighten or loosen nuts and fittings in hard-to-reach places. Ideal for those one-off jobs.

It is fundamentally a fixed basin wrench with the addition of having a variety of different sized wrench jaws along its body. This model also comes with a T-bar handle that can be used to apply extra leverage. It is a useful tool to have as its many recesses and sockets allow it to be used on a variety of plumbing jobs so it is not just limited to removing tap backnuts.

Bearhug basin wrench

Bearhug Adjustable Tap Wrenches Bearhug Bath and Basin Wrench Kit, which allows the user to work on back nuts in restricted areas, with the versatile extension bars to fit most areas.  Proven hugging priciple securely grips the majority of basin and bath tap backnuts and tail connector nuts. Suitable for use where access is especially difficult. Can be used with any standard 3/8in sq drive ratchet driver and extensions.  Thumbscrew adjusts to grip the nut flats.  Supplied in a strong and durable polypropylene case for easy storage.  Comprises:-  1/2in and 3/4in Bearhug adjustable tap wrenches.  3/8in Ratchet Socket Wrench  3/8in extension bars. 3in and 6in   This type of basin tap wrench has a specially designed pair of jaws that resemble bear arms which securely grip the majority of basin, sink, and bath tap backnuts and fittings. There are two different sized fixed jaws for use on 1/2 inchand 3/4 inch nuts. They have a small screw inside the jaws that can be adjusted to grip the backnut flats.

The jaws are attached to a hand ratchet via a square drive and extension bar.

Bearhug basin tap wrench bear hug wonkee donkee tools DIY guide Fixed basin tap wrench, Basin Wrench Basin wrench 1/2in x 3/4in, (15 X 22mm) accurately manufactured from cast iron.  Ideal for use in awkward places, eg. back nuts fitted to taps behind sinks or baths.   Bearhug basin tap wrenches can be purchased in handy little sets like this, complete with small and large extension bars, jaws, and plastic carry-case.

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