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What are the advantages and disadvantages of jenny calipers?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of jenny calipers?

Jenny calipers are used to take accurate measurements.

There are many different types of measuring devices out there so why should you choose a jenny caliper? Read our guide to the advantages and disadvantages of jenny calipers to find out more.

Advantages of Jenny Calipes

There are many advantages to using a jenny caliper over other measuring devices. At Wonkee Donkee, our experts have come together to list a few of the main advantages below.

Useful for locating the centre of objects

They are an extremely effective tool for finding the centre of a round or irregularly-shaped object, a task that would be difficult with a standard ruler or tape measure.


Most jenny calipers are made out stainless steel, a very durable material, so will last for a long time.

Accurate and Reliable

If the user is aware of its limitations (see below), a jenny caliper can provide a high degree of accuracy and reliability. 

Easy to Maintain

Unless they are misused, jenny calipers require little maintenance apart from the occasional oiling of parts.


Disadvantages of Jenny Calipes

Although there are advantages of choosing a jenny caliper, there are also some disadvantages and times where other measuring devices will be better suited.

Another measuring tool is required

Since they do not have a scale of their own, jenny calipers must be used alongside another measuring tool such as a ruler or micrometer.

Limited Accuracy

Jenny calipers are not suitable for precision measurements. The accuracy of measurements is limited by that of the measuring tool they are used with.

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