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How to locate the centre of a workpiece using a jenny caliper?

Jenny calipers are used to take accurate measurements.

Before beginning trying to locate the centre of a workpiece using a jenny caliper it is important to make sure that you have everything you need. To follow our step-by-step guide you will need a ruler, a jenny caliper, an outside caliper and the workpiece that you wish to measure.

Step 1 - Measure diameter of workpiece

Measure the diameter of the workpiece with the outside caliper. Transfer this measurement to the ruler, then half it to find the radius of the workpiece.

Step 2 - Set jenny caliper to required distance

Set your jenny caliper to this distance.

Step 3 - Position caliper on workpiece

Set the locating lug to the edge of the workpiece.

Step 4 - Score arcs onto workpiece

Score four short, circular arcs onto the surface of the workpiece. These four arcs will form a rough square.

Step 5 - Join corners of square

Join the corners of the ‘square’ together. The point at which the lines intersect will be the approximate centre of the workpiece.