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What is a water pressure gauge used for?

What is a water pressure gauge used for?

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Water pressure gauge, water, mains supplied pressure, BAR, PSI A water pressure gauge is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use tool. It has several uses, including measuring static water pressure, measuring well pressure and pressure in irrigation and sprinkler systems.It can also be used to indicate leaks in indoor plumbing or outdoor watering systems, show loss of pressure due to lime or other deposits in pipes, and help to work out the flow rate of a tap.

Measuring the static pressure of your plumbing

Water pressure gauge, obtaining a static water pressure measurement The first and most fundamental job a water pressure gauge does is take a static water pressure reading of your home’s domestic plumbing.This is important to do because irregular water pressure measurements can damage household appliances, burst pipes and cause leaks which could, in turn, cause structural damage to your house.

Measuring well pressure

Water pressure gauge on well pump Many houses are supplied with water by their own private well. In houses with well water systems, there may come a time when a pump fails or pressure is lost. A water pressure gauge is the easiest, cheapest way to determine the pressure of your system. It can also help to pinpoint where in your system a failure has occurred.

Measuring pressure and flow for an irrigation or sprinkler system

sprinkler system, water pressure, pressure gauge Many small sprinkler and irrigation systems will work perfectly fine when run directly from a outside tap, but, as water flow gets larger, there is a danger that the supply will not be enough.Also, many sprinkler systems require a certain amount of pressure and flow for them to work sufficiently. A water pressure gauge is essential in determining pressure and working out your flow rate.

Indicating leaks in plumbing or watering systems

Water leaking from pipe, broken pipe, leaky plumbing A water pressure gauge can be used at selected intervals to help pinpoint where pressure may be being lost due to defective pipes and leaks.

Showing loss of pressure due to deposit build-up

clogged pipes, rusty pipes, copper pipes, water pressure Plumbing (especially old pipes) may become partially blocked by deposit build-ups such as limescale. By testing at various points in your residence, a pressure gauge can help indicate where you may have low pressure and which pipes may be causing the problem.

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