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What are the different types of water pressure gauge?

What are the different types of water
pressure gauge?

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Different types of water pressure gauge There are many different makes and models of water pressure gauge. Many of these gauges can be used not only for measuring water pressure, but for measuring the pressure of gas and oil as well. Always read the manufacturer’s specifications before use.

Different types of dial

Water pressure gauge, bar only scale reading

Bar only dials

The dial of a water pressure gauge may have a scale that reads only in bars.

The UK uses mainly bar readings for water pressure.

PSI dial, water pressure gauge

PSI only dials

The dial may have a scale that reads only in PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

The USA uses mainly PSI readings for water pressure.

water pressure gauge, bar and PSI scale indicator

Bar and PSI dials

Many dials offer the best of both worlds and have bar and PSI scales.

It is useful to have a gauge with both scales on because some appliance manufacturers may state recommended guidelines for use in PSI or bar and it will save you having to convert the measurements.

water pressure gauge with lazy hand needle

“Lazy hand” needle dials

Dials with a lazy hand needle are useful if you you want to check your system overnight or over a longer period. The lazy hand moves with the needle but remains at the highest point at which the pressure peaked.

If you are worried that your water pressure is spiking in the night, attach one of these and you can see how high it goes without having stand over the pressure gauge all night.

water pressure gauge digital display, illuminated display

Digital dials

Many pressure gauges are available with digital displays for easy reading.

Water pressure gauge, oil filled dial, glycerine

Liquid-filled dials

The two main causes of pressure gauges failing are pipe vibrations and water condensation which, in cold climates, can freeze and cause damage to the gauge’s mechanisms.

Liquid-filled dials have a longer working life because they are filled with a viscous substance that reduces needle vibrations and leaves no room for humid or ambient air to enter and cause condensation.

duplex dial, water pressure gauge, temp and pressure dial

Duplex dials

Duplex dials have two scales which provide the user with dual readings.

This particular gauge has one scale for pressure and and a separate scale for temperature.

Different types of connection

Water pressure gauge with rear mounted brass connection

Back mounted connection

The brass connection of a water pressure gauge may be mounted at the back of the dial.

Water pressure gauge bottom mounted brass connection

Bottom mounted connection

More commonly the brass connection fitting is mounted at the bottom of the water pressure gauge’s dial.

Both connections function in the same way but they may allow you attach the pressure gauge to a fitting in a confined space where the other may not fit.

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