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What water pressure gauge sizes are available?

What water pressure gauge sizes are available?

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Different types of water pressure gauge Water pressure gauges come in a wide variety of different sizes; some are wider in diameter than others, while some are smaller in depth. However, the size of a water pressure gauge is perhaps less important than the size of the scale to which they can measure pressure.

Domestic water pressure gauges

Water pressure gauge Domestic water pressure gauges have scales typically running from 0-11 bars. This is because domestic water supplies very rarely exceed pressures of 4-5 bars and even during times when you may get high pressure spikes, it will rarely exceed 7-8 bars.A gauge that measures exceedingly more than this would be unnecessary and would make reading the dial at the lower end of the scale very difficult.
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Top tip

Choosing a water pressure gauge with a large dial is advantageous as it will be easier to read.

Industrial water pressure gauges

High pressure gauge 4000 bar Industrial water pressure gauges vary greatly in terms of the amount of pressure they can measure to. Some gauges can measure in excess of 4000 bars! These types of water pressure gauges are for use on specialised equipment like industrial boilers and heating systems.
Choosing a pressure gauge, water pressure gauges It is important to choose the correct pressure gauge for your requirements, as trying to read domestic water pressures on a gauge that measures up to 4000 bars with any degree of accuracy would be practically impossible.

How are water pressure gauges classified?

percentage, margin of error, water pressure gauge Water pressure gauges are classified by precision, from Grade A, which have a 0.1% margin of error, to Grade D which have a 5.0% margin of error.
Water pressure gauge precise instruments wonkee donkee tools DIY guide For domestic use, pressure gauges at the Grade D end of the precision scale are ample as pressure measurements are relatively low and the need for pinpoint accuracy is not great.Industrial applications may require much more refined gauges as they will be working at much higher pressures and instruments may be calibrated for use with very specific pressures.

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