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What is a mini crutch stopcock key?

What is a mini crutch stopcock key?

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Mini crutch stopcock key A mini crutch stopcock key is for use indoors, on crutch head internal stopcocks often found under the sink in the kitchen or utility room. Internal crutch head stopcocks have traditional T-shaped, tap-style heads
Using a mini crutch stopcock key The mini crutch key has a relatively short shaft – usually somewhere between 200 and 230mm (8 and 9 inches) – so that it can be used in fairly confined spaces. Interior stopcocks can often be turned by hand, but if they have not been used for some time, they may become very stiff and impossible to turn without the aid of a key.
Mini crutch stopcock key Some mini crutch keys have a rounded shaft and fixed handle.
Tommy bar handle removed from mini crutch stopcock key Others have a hexagonal shaft and an adjustable and removable handle.
Tommy bar handle on mini crutch stopcock key This is called a tommy bar handle. It is very useful in restricted spaces as the handle can be slid from one side to the other other, through a hole in the shaft, to avoid being restricted by pipework, the sides or back panels of cupboards, or other fixed objects.
Socket and ratchet handle A hexagonal shaft also has a distinct advantage. If an internal stopcock proves extremely stubborn, a ratchet handle can be attached to the end of the shaft to provide greater leverage.¬†Take care that you don’t damage the pipework when using additional leverage.
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What sizes will it fit?

Mini crutch stopcock keys fit all sizes of internal crutch stopcock.

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