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What is a combination stopcock key?

What is a combination stopcock key?

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Combination stopcock key As the name suggests, the combination stopcock key combines a number of different fittings in its head so that more than one type of stopcock can be operated.

It is sometimes referred to as a multi-purpose key and even a universal key.

Combination stopcock key head and fittings

What sizes will it fit?

A typical combination stopcock key combines two square patterns – or shapes, also known as cast squares – suitable for 1/2 inch (15mm) and 3/4 inch (20mm) square head stopcocks; and a ‘U’ shaped crutch suitable for 1/2 inch (15mm) and 3/4 inch (20mm) T-handled stopcocks.

Person using external stopcock key This type of stopcock – and other multi-purpose types – might be suitable for a plumber or water company employee who needs to be able to operate a number of different types of stopcock.
Head of combination stopcock key The combination key neatly combines keys for square head and crutch stopcocks in one head. The square recesses are positioned in the top of the crutch shape.

Again, this key has a long shaft – between 860 and 1060mm (34 and 42 inches) long – to reach stopcocks that can be up to several feet below ground level.

Crutch stopcock key handle The fixed turning handle usually has a flattened or pointed end for lifting external stopcock covers and removing debris and mud from around the edge of the cover..

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