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What spanner accessories are available?

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Extender bar increases the length of the shaft of the spanner and so makes it stronger. The main spanner accessory is the extender bar which grips the shaft of a spanner and extends the length of the shaft. A longer shaft means a greater leverage so the spanner can exert a greater force on the fastener. Extender bars can easily snap cheap spanners so be careful.
Spanners and their accessories. Accessories are also available to help keep your spanners ordered and accessible.
Spanner holder to attach to belt for easy access to tool. Pouches and holders that attach to belts are an excellent way of keeping a spanner on your person between uses…
Tool apron fits around the hips and is useful for holding all your tools. …as are tool aprons which can hold a number of different tools without pulling your trousers down!
Tool rolls keep spanners in order so they are accessible, stored well and easy to find. Tool boxes and tool rolls can be purchased to store a spanner set in so you always know where to find the right size…
Spanner ring holds spanners together like a bunch of keys. …and spanner rings can hold a set like a bunch of keys so they are always together.