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 What is an insulated spanner?

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Insulated spanners prevent electricity from passing into the user and giving them an electric shock. Insulated spanners are simply spanners that are electrically insulated. This means they can be safely used on electrical circuits without risk of an electric shock.
Insulated spanner showing the red plastic insulation and the conducting metal body of the tool. A plastic coating around the spanner handle and sometimes over its head provides an insulated barrier which prevents electricity passing into the user.
Any type of spanner can be insulated including open-ended, ring, ratchet and box spanners. Any type of spanner can be insulated.
Electricians use VDE European standard insulated spanners to ensure they don't get an electric shock. If they bear the ‘VDE’ mark they comply with European standards and are safe to use on live wires of up to 1000 volts AC (alternating current), making them the choice of qualified electricians.