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What is a hand shovel?

What is a hand shovel?

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A shovel is used to dig or shift and move loose material such as earth and snow, for example. A hand shovel is a tool for digging, scooping and moving loose materials such as earth, coal, gravel, snow, sand and tarmac.Shovels are common tools that are widely used in agriculture, construction, landscaping and gardening.
Shovels come in various shapes and sizes A shovel may be a familiar, everyday tool but choosing the right one is not as easy as you think. For many of us, a shovel is a shovel despite the differences in their appearance.However, it is important that you do not dismiss the variations, such as the shape and angle of the blade, as insignificant.
A shovel can be used to dig a hole and shovel away the earth Hand shovels have been customised for all sorts of tasks and environments.Some are designed for particular tasks such as shovelling snow, digging long, narrow trenches in confined spaces or laying pipes and cables or others can multi-task.
There is a wide range of shovels to choose from Walk in to any DIY shop or garden centre and you will see that there is a huge assortment of spades and shovels. Having multiple shovels of various designs makes completing any job as painless as possible.
Make sure your shovel is a quality buy... On the other hand, your budget may only allow for one extremely versatile shovel.

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