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How to use a plaster pan?

How to use a plaster pan?

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Holding the pan

How to hold a plaster
Hold the plaster pan in the most comfortable way for you. The pan can be gripped between your thumb and your fingers, with your thumb placed on the rim of the pan. Resist the urge to squeeze too hard.
Alternative technique of holding a plaster pan
Alternatively, open your hand wide to balance the pan, securing the base between your thumb and your fingers. The pan can be swivelled easily as you work. Again, do not grip too hard.

For a manageable layer of plaster and a smooth finish…

Mix a small amount of plaster in the pan

Step 1 – Mix compound

To work the plaster for an easy application every time, mix a small amount of compound in the plaster pan. The pan should never be more than half full.

As a rule of thumb, you have approximately 30 minutes to apply the compound before it is unworkable.

Step 2 – Collect compound with knife

Collect a section of wet compound from the pan with your knife.

Step 3 – Scrape knife on rim

Tilt the pan towards you and scrape the knife downwards onto the rim so that the section of compound is on the edge of the pan.

Make sure you use just a small amount of plaster or jointing compound

Step 4 – Spread even coat

Cut a smaller section from this pile with your knife and spread an even coat (skim) back and forth across your work surface.

This will avoid overloading your knife and spreading excess plaster to other areas.

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