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How to clean a plaster pan?

How to clean a plaster pan?

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This will eliminate all the dried flakes of plaster that accumulate in the pan It is important that you clean your plaster pan before the compound begins to set. This is important for several reasons:
Use the compound immediately
1. Transferring dried flakes of plaster to the wall will cause irritating lines across your newly smoothed surface.2. Once the plaster has hardened completely, it is a time-consuming task to remove all the solid lumps from your pan.

3. Leftover compound will react with your next batch and speed up the setting process before you have had chance to apply it.

Use a putty knife to scour the hardened plaster Use a clean putty knife or scraper to chip away the set plaster from your pan particularly from the rim and corners, where flakes will accumulate. Repeat this process for your other tools.Dispose of the dried lumps in a bin; do not use the sink where the set plaster could clog the drain.
Give your pan a good soak before you scrub it clean
Once you have finished with your pan and tools, they will need to be soaked in warm water then scrubbed with a brush to remove residue.Ensure that the set compound has been scraped off as much as possible before using water as soaking will not remove hardened compound.
Keep a bucket and brush within easy reach as you work Keep a bucket of water and a hard brush handy where you work. Don’t let those dried bits of plaster spoil your pan or your work.
WD says "Dry scraping those nasty crusts of plaster from the corner of your pan is no joke!"

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