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What plaster pan accessories are available?

What plaster pan accessories are available?

A plaster pan with a curved base To make life easier, some pans come with additional features. For example, this plaster pan includes a rounded base for:

1. A comfortable grip

2. Easier scooping

3. No corners for dry plaster to collect

This pan comes with a grip to aid comfort and control
This pan comes attached with a non-slip textured grip for a secure hold and extra support.
This pan and tape holder attaches to your belt as you work

A mud pan and tape holder

A mud pan and tape holder is a convenient accessory for jobs such as taping your drywall joints. The lightweight, aluminium construction hooks to your belt, securing the mud pan so your hands stay free to work.

This specially designed glove reduces wrist and hand strain

Easy hold glove

Holding a mud pan for long periods can strain your hand, wrist and forearm leading to injuries.

A special glove designed for maintaining a continuous grip on the mud pan helps to eliminates the strain and spreads the weight of the pan along the whole of your hand.

The non-slip magnetic grip also protects your hands from high and low temperatures

Magnetic grip

A removable magnetic grip is also available.  This has been designed to fit firmly around the base of any size metal pan as a grip for the user’s hand.

The non-slip surface makes holding the pan more comfortable, and reduces spillages and accidents. It also means your hands will be protected in hot or cold environments.

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