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What is a microwave leak detector?

 What is a microwave leak detector?

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wonkee donkee microwave leak detector A microwave leak detector is an electronic device which can be used to detect the production of microwave radiation from sources including microwave ovens.
the electromagnetic spectrum Microwaves are a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. For more information on this, see: Wonkee Donkee’s lesson on microwaves.
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Although these instruments can vary in price, they are generally inexpensive and very simple to use.

PAT testing label on plug Microwave leak detectors can be used in a more professional role when performing portable appliance testing (PAT), a health and safety regulation in the UK.
analogue and digital microwave leak detector There are both analogue and digital microwave leak detectors. This produces two different types of reading, but does not majorly affect the way the devices work.
one way, another way sign Microwave leak detectors work by measuring irradiance between certain frequencies.For more information, see: How does a microwave leak detector work?
wonkee donkee 9V square battery Some, but not all, microwave leak detectors require batteries – see individual models for clarification. The most common type needed is a 9V square battery.

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