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How to use a microwave leak detector?

 How to use a microwave leak detector

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The method for using a microwave leak detector will vary between models. Check your instructions.
turn on microwave leak detector

Step 1 – Turn on microwave leak detector

If there is an on button, press it to activate the instrument.

zeroing microwave leak detector, reading of 0

Step 2 – Zero microwave leak detector

If necessary, press the relevant button or wait to allow the microwave leak detector to zero. Check instructions for each individual model to find out what action, if any, is required.

water in a microwave oven

Step 3 – Prepare microwave oven

Place a microwavable container full of water in the microwave, close and turn it on for approximately 30-60 seconds.

move microwave leak detector around seals

Step 4 – Detect microwaves

Hold the microwave leak detector the specified distance away from the microwave oven. Move the detector around the operational microwave oven at this distance, focusing on the door seal, vents any any other vulnerable points.

interpret results, thinking man

Step 5 – Interpret results

As you test the microwave oven, monitor the reading to ensure it is within safe levels (below 5mW/cm2). If it is not, disconnect immediately and have a professional inspect the microwave oven before using, repairing or disposing.

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