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What are the parts of a microwave leak detector?

 What are the parts of a microwave leak detector?

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Microwave leak detector casing

microwave leak detector different plastic casings The casings of microwave leak detectors can vary greatly and can change the appearance of the instrument. Even though they may look different, this does not alter the way the microwave leak detector works.


wonkee donkee microwave leak detector sensor The sensor is the only external part of the microwave leak detector’s electronics. Any microwaves present when testing will be picked up by the sensor. The sensors can vary in shape and size, but should be an easily identifiable part of the instrument and clarified by the usage guidelines provided.

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analogue indicator on microwave leak detector


An analogue microwave leak detector indicator has a needle which points to a scale. The scale can vary but will generally be broken down into green and red sections, which signify safe and unsafe levels respectively.

digital display on microwave leak detector


Digital microwave leak detectors have an LCD (liquid-crystal display) screen, which displays a numerical reading which will be in units of milliWatts per centimetre squared (mW/cm2).

Microwave leak detector features

microwave leak detector hold, max and power buttons


On some microwave leak detectors there may be buttons for switching the device on, holding a reading on the display, displaying the highest reading or zeroing the device. These are subject to manufacture and vary between models. See each individual microwave leak detector’s instructions on how to use.

audible signal, ear, microwave radiation levels

Audible warning signal

Another feature available on some microwave leak detectors is a beep which sounds when a high level of radiation is detected.

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