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What are the different types of manhole key?

What are the different types
of manhole key?

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different manhole keys Safe lifting can be improved by selecting the right tools.

T-shaped handle, heavy duty

t shaped manhole keys with a bevelled edge to made from one piece of malleable iron Manhole keys with T-shaped handles and D-shaped ends made from one piece of malleable iron are the strongest type of key. Choose these keys if the manhole cover you wish to lift is heavy and has two keyways.

Over time, mud and rust will collect around the edge of the manhole cover. The bevelled end on the handle of these keys is designed to remove this unwanted debris.

D-shaped handle, medium weight

D shaped handle zinc plated heavy duty manhole keys D-shaped manhole keys have oblong keys. They are very strong and zinc-plated.

They are suitable for lifting medium weight manhole covers. The D-shaped handle allows them to be lifted with one hand.

T-shaped handle, medium weight

steel light weight manhole key plated These T-shaped handle manhole keys are lightweight and made from steel. They are zinc-plated to protect from corrosion.

The T-shaped handle means that they can be lifted with both hands and the end of the key is oblong-shaped. Choose these keys if the cover to be lifted is medium weight.

D shaped handle with a hooked key

lightweight manhole cover key with hooked ends and triangle handles Manhole keys with D shaped handles have hooked ends. They are ideal for lifting medium/lightweight manhole covers safely. Choose these manhole keys if you have a lighter weight cover to lift with two keyways.

Plastic T-shaped handle

thermoplastic manhole lifting key, lightweight A plastic T-shaped handled key is suitable for light weight lifting.

Choose this key if the inspection cover is small, has one keyway and is lightweight.

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