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What are manhole keys made of?

What are manhole keys made of?

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Two different kinds of manhole keys, carbon steel and malleable iron
Manhole keys are usually made from a single piece of malleable iron or from carbon steel; some are zinc plated. Plastic keys are also available.

Malleable iron

Pair of malleable iron manhole keys:  heavy duty Malleable iron is very strong and has a high melting point, so is used to make things that require strength. It is often used for small castings that require strength and ductility.

Carbon steel

Two carbon steel, zinc plated manhole keys Carbon steel is a strong alloy. Manhole keys that are made from this material are heavy-duty and are ideal for medium to heavy weight manhole covers. The keys are usually zinc-plated to prevent corrosion.


"T" shaped plastic manhole /inspection cover key/ lifter Some light-duty lifting keys are made from plastic. They are manufactured from thermoplastic, a strong plastic material suitable for light-duty lifting, where there is only one key way.

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