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What internal threaded pot magnet accessories are available?

What internal threaded pot magnet
accessories are available?

Internal threaded pot magnet holding keys Various accessories are available for use with internal threaded pot magnets. They should have a threaded end which is screwed into the pot magnet’s threaded hole.


Hook on a deep internal threaded pot magnet Hooks can be used to hold doors open or to hold different items onto a ferromagnetic surface (for example, decorations, temporary wiring, or promotional signs). The hooks available for an internal threaded pot magnet are all removable due to a thin external threaded stud on one end.
Limpet internal threaded shallow pot magnet with a hook Some internal threaded pot magnets have a hook known as a jacking screw, which is thicker than a normal hook and set at a right angle.The jacking screw is positioned in the centre of the magnet in order to prise the magnet away from ferromagnetic material, when it has a magnetic pull of more than 100kg (220.46lbs).
Jacking screw The thickness of the jacking screw provides strength to the hook, making it ideal for this purpose, whereas a normal hook would be too thin.


Internal threaded shallow pot magnet with an eyebolt An eyebolt is a type of threaded bolt with a loop on one end, and is designed to attach hooks, cables, or ropes.

Eyebolt attachments for internal threaded pot magnets are used to hang cables from ferromagnetic materials. For example, an M5 (5mm (0.2″)) eyebolt is ideal for holding thick rope or cable.

Ball knobs

Ball knob internal threaded pot magnet Ball knobs are similar in appearance to door knobs. They have a thin threaded stud for attaching to an internal threaded pot magnet and a wide flat top for the user to hold.
Ball knob accessories can be used to aid the opening of ferromagnetic doors by providing a handle for the ferromagnetic surface.

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