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What are the parts of a lead working stick?

What are the parts of a lead working stick?

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 Lebelled diagram showing the parts of a dressing stick
Most lead working sticks have the same basic parts, although, there are several different designs of face, which vary depending upon the task the tool is intended for.

Lead working stick face

Lead dresser flat face, face of lead dressing stick The face of the stick makes contact with the lead and, depending on the specific tool, either works the sheet metal or ensures that it is even and smooth, ready for use.
Flat face of dressing stick, wedged face of setting in stick The shape of the face of a lead working tool varies depending upon what it is used for. For instance, a setting-in stick has a wedge-shaped face to enable it to be used to form clean corners in lead flashing, whilst a dressing stick has a flat face because the tool is used to smooth and flatten sheet lead.

For more information, see What are the different types of lead working stick?

Lead working stick handle

Lead dressing stick handle, raised handle The handle is the part of the stick held during use. The handles of some bossing tools are ergonomically shaped to provide the user with improved comfort during use. They are raised to allow ample knuckle room for the user so that the tool can be used to shape sheet metal more comfortably.
Hanging tab of plastic bending stick Some lead working tools have a hole at the end of the handle which enables the user to hang their dressing or bossing stick up out of the way on the wall of a workshop or shed.

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