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Lead Working Stick Maintenance and Care

Lead working stick maintenance and care

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Bossing stick, bending dresser, setting-in stick, dressing stick It is very important that all lead working sticks are looked after properly and stored correctly. The working surface of each tool must be kept smooth to avoid damage being made to the lead it will be used to work. The material out of which your lead working stick is made will determine how you should look after your tool.

Wooden lead working sticks

Wooden lead working tools Wooden dressing and bossing sticks require a great deal of maintenance compared to plastic tools. As the wood used to make the tools is likely to warp as a result of weathering, it is especially important to store wooden lead working tools properly in a cool, dry place.
Linseed oil In addition, it is imperative that wooden tools are never transported with steel tools that could damage the working surface of the tool.

Before they are used for the first time, wooden bossing and dressing sticks should be soaked in linseed oil to preserve the wood and protect the tools from unwanted moisture. It is advisable to periodically reapply the oil, particularly if the sticks are used often.

Plastic lead working sticks

Able to withstand weathering Plastic sticks do not need to be treated before use, as they are better able to withstand damp conditions.
Workshop, storage Despite this, it is still important that the tools are stored correctly to prevent damage and to ensure that they continue to work effectively for as long as possible.

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