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What are lead working sticks used for?

What are lead working sticks used for?

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Lead dressing sticks are used to flatten sheet lead both before it is used and around features such as chimneys or bay windows. Lead working sticks are used to shape or flatten sheet lead both before it is used and after it is in position around a chimney or bay window.
Lead dressing tools used to work lead for obscure roofing structures. Lead working tools, are particularly useful when a roofing structure is uneven or obscure. They allow the user to take advantage of the malleability of the lead and to mould it accordingly.
Bossing external corner of chimney flashing They are most commonly used in the installation of chimney flashing. Bossing sticks, a type of lead working stick, for example, can be used to effectively work sheet lead so that the flashing follows the external corner of a chimney.

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Bossing internal corners Although done less frequently, lead working sticks can also be used to shape sheet metal into the internal corner of a structure. This technique is sometimes implemented by roofers fitting weathering and is also used in the manufacturing of metal tanks used for the storage of water and oil.
Roofers Lead bossing and other lead working techniques require a great deal of skill and patience. As a result, the tools required to carry out these practices are usually used by trained roofers and other tradesmen who have learnt the art of lead working.

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