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What are immersion heater spanners made of?

What are immersion heater
spanners made of?

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Image of a steel grider to illustrate that all immersion heater spanners are made of steel All immersion spanners are made from steel, a strong material that is resistant to bending or breaking under pressure. You’ll quite often see different types of steel listed in their descriptions in catalogues. The most common types for this tool are explained below.

High quality steel

Image of high quality steel High quality steel has a carbon content of between 0.45% and 1.5%. The higher the amount of carbon in the steel, the better quality it is.
Image of a hard and tough boxer to illustrate the properties of high qaulity steel High quality steel is both hard and tough, which means it is difficult to scratch and resistant to being broken under extreme force.
Image of a heavy duty box immersion heater spanner made from high quality steel Heavy duty immersion heater spanners are made from a thicker version of this material for even greater strength and resilience.

Zinc plated steel

Image showing a rod of zinc plated steel Zinc can be plated onto steel through a process called electrolysis.
Shield to illustrate the fact a zinc coating defends against corrosion Zinc plating acts as a protective barrier against corrosion. Before the steel can rust, the layer of zinc plating has to corrode  through first so the zinc acts as a physical shield to prevent the steel from coming into contact with the air.

For further protection from corrosion, a chromate conversion layer can be added, which also makes the tool look shinier.

Pressed steel

Image of a pressed steel manhole cover ‘Pressed steel’ refers to steel which has been heated and then rolled out over a mould before being left to cool. Pressed steel is stronger than die cast steel, which has been melted and poured into a mould before being left to set. The stronger the steel is, the less likely it is to bend under pressure.
Plus sign to illustrate that some of the above terms can be combined When looking around for which type of immersion heater spanner to buy, you may find that some of the above terms are used together. For example, you might find an immersion heater spanner that is made of zinc plated pressed steel.
Image to show a DIYer becoming confused by the number of parts that left lying around the house The most important thing to look out for is that your immersion heater spanner is made of high quality steel. You may be subjecting it to a good deal of force, so it’s important for it to be strong and tough!

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