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What are the different types of household battery?

What are the different types of
household battery?

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battery tester in use There are lots of batteries used in household equipment. The ones which can be tested by a battery tester include: cylindrical, square and coin batteries.

Cylindrical batteries

aaaa, aaa, aa, c, d cylindrical batteries Cylindrical batteries are what you would probably consider typical batteries and are the AA and AAA batteries which are used in your remote control, for example. This type also includes size C batteries (torches, toys) and D batteries (transmitters, boomboxes). Slots for these batteries are generally included on all battery testers.

Square batteries

square 9v batteries Square batteries, which are often found in smoke alarms, are 9 volts and have two clasps at the top: one positive and the other negative.

These are compatible with most battery testers.

Coin batteries

coin batteries/ button cells Coin batteries, also called ‘button cells’, are small and round in appearance and often found in watches. They can usually be used in most battery testers.

Other batteries

camera batteries
There are also specialised batteries which are usually used for things like digital cameras. Some battery testers will check other types of battery, so you should check the battery tester specifications before purchase.

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