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How to use a battery tester?

How to use a battery tester?

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battery tester in use Using a battery tester is quite simple, you just need to insert the battery and take a reading. However, there are a few things you should consider.

Inserting the battery

positive and negative on batteries

Look for the + and –

All types of battery have both a positive and a negative point, which affects the orientation of the battery when inserted into the tester. There should be small plus (+) and minus (-) symbols on both the device and the batteries to direct you as to which way around they should go.

inserting battery in to battery tester

Moveable arms, sliding bars and cylindrical slots

When there is double contact with the battery (in the case of the moveable arms, sliding bars and cylindrical slots), place one end of the battery into position before the other.

If you are using an adjustable tester, place the correct side of the battery on the fixed terminal and then move the adjustable terminal into position on top of the battery.

insert battery into tester
For the cylindrical slots, insert the battery as you would in a remote – sliding the correct side of the battery against the spring within the slot, and then pushing the other side down into position.
insert battery (coin) For batteries that come into contact with the tester on one side only (square, coin and camera), place the corresponding side against the slot and hold steady.
inserting batteries in to tester These batteries are simply placed the correct way into or against their slots; they may require holding in place whilst the reading is taken (especially in the case of the square batteries).

Taking a reading

battery tester taking a reading Wait a few seconds after positioning the battery to allow the dial to settle, and then take the reading from the scale. Be aware that some batteries use the smaller scale.

Batteries pointing towards ‘good’ are in working order and can be used in most devices. ‘Low’ or ‘weak’ batteries should still work in items that do not demand a great deal of power, such as alarm clocks, but will probably not be ideal in items such as cameras. If the indicator is pointing to the red end of the scale, charge the battery if it is a rechargeable, or dispose of it in a suitable manner if not.

Test the battery quickly as the tester  itself can drain some of the power

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