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What is a fencing pin used for?

 What is it used for?

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Pin - a small, slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things.
Fencing pins and temporary garden fencing

Fencing pins, together with mesh fencing, can be used to create a temporary garden fence…

Garden fencing mesh

…or to separate out an area for planting (keeping children and pets away from flowers and vegetable plots)….

Fencing off compost bins.

…or to fence off compost bins.

Fencing pins at a sporting event

Fencing pins can also be used at sporting events. A roll of flag bunting and a few fencing pins provides a temporary fence in minutes.

Fencing pins at a child's outdoor party Fencing pins together with colourful bunting could be used at a children’s outdoor party.
Fencing pins in the construction industry Fencing pins are used by those in the construction industry because, by law, they must ensure they carry out work without putting the public at risk.

Also, they must manage site access by clearly showing physical boundaries.

A fenced-off building site A fenced off building site using hazard warning tape may require the use of fencing pins.
Fenced-off road works Here, members of the public are protected from roadworks by the temporary fence.

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