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What fencing pin accessories are available?

What fencing pin accessories are available?

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Mesh barrier fencing

Plastic mesh barrier fencing Fencing pins are most commonly used with plastic mesh barrier fencing, which is available in a variety of colours and lengths from 5 to 50 metres.

The standard height is 1 metre.

Fence anchors

U pin fence anchors ‘U pin fence anchors’ can be used to stop small animals from crawling underneath fencing.

They can also be used to anchor the bottom edge of a windbreak to the ground.

They are made of light steel.

Here, a fence anchor is inserted through fencing and then pushed into the ground to help secure it.


Hammer and Pin Fencing pins can be used on soft to normal ground. However, you may find that you need a hammer to insert them.

There’s no specific hammer for use with fencing pins so you could use a sledgehammer, a lump hammer or a mallet.

Other accessories

Hazard warning tape You may wish to use hazard warning tape with your fencing pins.This is available in many different colours.
Safety rope Or you may decide to use colourful rope instead.
Bunting Perhaps you want to use bunting as a quick and easy way to cordon off an area. Bunting is available in many lengths and colours, or you could make your own!
Wonkees quote a fence a structure to enclose an area

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