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How do you make your own fencing pin?

How to make your own fencing pin

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Rebar You can make your own fencing pin using rebar.

Rebar (reinforcing bar) is a steel bar that is embedded in concrete before the concrete sets, to reinforce it. It’s also known as reinforcing steel and reinforcement steel.

Usually carbon steel bars or wires are used to make rebar.

Bundle of rebar

Step 1 – Removing rebar

In many countries, after the demolition of a building, workers are called in to remove the rebar.

Step 2 – Straightening metal

After extracting the metal, they partially straighten it and gather it into bundles.

Step 3 – Reforming metal

It is sometimes combined with other steel products, melted down, and reformed.

Step 4 – Rebar ready

You can buy rebar from steel building suppliers to make your own fencing pins. However, you will need to have the rebar cut to length, and possibly shaped, and this will add to the cost.

Buying a ready made fencing pin will usually be a cheaper option.

Adding caps

Mushroom cap on rebar ‘Mushroom caps’ provide protection from scratches and other minor injuries caused by the protruding end  (as rebar typically has no lamp hook at the top end of the pin).
Plate cap on rebar To prevent anyone from accidentally impaling themselves, the protruding end of steel rebar is often bent over or covered with special steel-reinforced plastic “plate” caps.

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