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Engineer’s Square Maintenance and Care

Engineer’s square maintenance and care

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Cleaning an engineer's square with a soft cloth As with all precision tools, engineer’s squares require careful maintenance and care to preserve their accuracy and prevent them becoming damaged.

As engineer’s squares are made of steel, it is important that they are kept dry to prevent them from rusting. After use, dry off any moisture or liquid such as marking ink from your engineer’s square with a soft cloth.

Water replant oil or grease is used to prevent rust Using a different soft cloth, apply a thin layer of oil or water-repellent grease to the surface of your engineer’s square before storing it. This will help to prevent any moisture in the atmosphere from causing the surface of your engineer’s square to rust when not in use.


Engineers' squares should not be kept with other tools as they may get damaged and have their accuracy affected Engineer’s squares should be kept separate from other tools to minimise the risk of damage to the blade or stock. As well as reducing the chance of them receiving knocks that could affect their accuracy. One of the best ways to do this is to use a storage case.
Storage cases for engineers squares, Storage cases can be either for an individual engineer’s square or a set Storage cases can be used for either individual engineer’s squares or a set. When purchasing a set of engineer’s squares, many will come with their own case.

Cases can also be purchased separately or made and many feature a form-fitting rubber foam interior that provides excellent insulation from any knocks and shocks that could damage or affect the accuracy of your engineer’s square.


UKAS say that an engineer's square should be calibrated by an approved company once every 5 years Engineer’s squares should be regularly checked to make sure they are maintaining their accuracy. If they are not accurate, then they should be corrected and calibrated. Engineer’s squares should be calibrated once every five years by a UKAS accredited company that will give you a certificate confirming the accuracy of your square.
  If properly cared for and maintained, an engineer’s square is a tool that can last for many years.

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