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What are end cutting pincers used for?

What are end cutting pincers used for?

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Cutting and levering

Cutting wire with end cutting pincers End cutting pincers are mainly used to cut wire close to the surface of the workpiece. Most pincers can cope with wire between 1mm and 4mm in diameter, depending on the hardness of the wire.
End cutting pincers with jewellery pin Small end cutting pincers are essential for jewellery makers and repairers when they need to cut off any pieces of protruding metal.

They use them for tasks such as  trimming brooch pins, cutting necklace and bracelet wire to length, prising open prongs to remove stones from their settings, and cutting away ring shanks (bands) for scrap.

Two silver rings with sprues still attached They also use them to remove sprues – short metal stems left over from the moulding process. The flat pincer jaws make it possible to cut off the sprues flush with the surface of the workpiece, so that nothing is left sticking up.
Watch innards showing winding stem Because end cutting pincers allow you to cut level with the surface, they are also used by watchmakers to cut winding stems to the right length.
Cutting through staple on underside of wooden chair And furniture repairers use them to cut through staples and pull off material during upholstery work.
Trimming guitar fret with end cutting pincer Musical instrument makers and repairers find end cutting pincers are perfect for trimming metal frets on the necks of stringed instruments such as guitars and violins. The flat head lets them cut the fret right up against the edge of the wood.
Shaping model railway track with end cutting pincers Model railway enthusiasts also use end cutting pincers to shape and trim pieces of rail track, and model makers find them useful for removing plastic and metal sprues from kits for assembly.
Cutting engine clip with end cutting pincers Another area where end cutting pincers are common is vehicle repair and salvage. Mechanics use them to, among other things, loosen and pull out engine components, peel off pieces of bodywork, and cut through clips, wires, zip ties and damaged hose clamps.
Aeroplane in the sky End cutting pincers are also used in the aviation industry and by the RAF in the maintenance and repair of aircraft.
Bolt end cutter cutting through wire For heavy duty work you can turn to bolt end cutting pincers. These can deal with wire, nails, bolts and rivets up to 6mm in diameter.
Cutting spring with end cutting pincer They are also used to cut steel springs, so can be found in all kinds of industries including the manufacture of beds, clocks, pens, staplers, trampolines and laboratory measuring equipment.


Twisting heavy duty wire Another function of end cutting pincers is being able to twist, then cut, steel wire to make secure ties. There are many applications for this, including tying together pieces of fencing, steel mesh for concrete reinforcement, putting up wires to support hops, vines and soft fruit, and joining lengths of wire netting.


Extracting nail from wood with end cutting pincer End cutting pincers can also be used to pull nails out of wood. However, as the pincers are so sharp, you have to be careful not to apply too much pressure or you might accidentally cut through the nail.
Pulling out nail with bolt end cutting pincers Bolt end cutting pincers are particularly suitable for extracting nails due to their protruding jaw design, which allows you to get a good grip even on long nails.

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