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Are there any alternatives to end cutting and carpenter’s pincers?

Are there any alternatives to end cutting and carpenter’s pincers?

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Bolt cutters

Heavy duty bolt cutters Bolt cutters, also called bolt croppers, are heavy duty tools which can easily slice through tough metal objects such as chains, bolts, wire, rods and padlocks.

They are available in various shapes and sizes. Full-size versions have long handles for extra leverage, while compact bolt cutters can be used in smaller spaces.

Bolt cutters with flattened end cut head Bolt cutters with end cut jaws are closer in design to end cutting and carpenter’s pincers. They are intended to grip, then clip off, large nails, screws and bolts.

They are stronger than end cutting and carpenter’s pincers, but also heavier and more bulky, so are not suitable for use in tight spaces or for cutting small items.

Side cutting and diagonal pliers

Diagonal and side cutting pliers Side cutting and diagonal pliers are designed to cut hard wire close to the joint, and soft materials such as copper and plastic coated wire at the tip. They are only designed for cutting wire and are not meant for gripping or pulling.

Combination pliers

Two pairs of combination pliers Combination pliers, as the name suggests, are versatile tools used for many different tasks including gripping, cutting and twisting. Some of them have extra features for jobs such as stripping electrical wiring, deburring metal and pulling nails. However, they can’t cut flush with the workpiece.

Nail pullers

Different types of nail puller Nail pullers are hand tools specifically intended for pulling out nails, even if they are sunken into the wood. They come in several different designs, some of which have to be used with a hammer. Obviously nail pullers are less versatile than pincers as they are meant for just one task.

Concretor’s nippers

Concretor's nippers Concretor’s nippers are heavy duty pincers designed to grip, twist and cut tie wire used to connect reinforced rods or large concrete mesh. They are very similar to carpenter’s pincers, but have a smaller head to make twisting easy, and sharper jaws.

Sprue cutters

Sprue cutters Sprue cutters are heavy duty tools with strong, adjustable jaws which are designed to cut off sprues – small pieces of metal or plastic attached to moulded items. They can cut close to the surface of the workpiece, but of course can’t pull out nails.

Claw hammer

Claw hammer extracting nail A claw hammer is good for levering out a nail as long as the head is slightly protruding from the surface, but obviously you can’t use it to grip the stem or cut the nail flush with the wood.

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