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What are carpenter’s pincers used for?

What are carpenter’s pincers used for?

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Gripping and extracting

Pulling out nail from piece of wood with carpenter's pincers The main purpose of carpenter’s pincers is to pull out nails from wood without damaging the surface.

The broad, rounded head ensures the pincers won’t dig into the wood. This is especially useful for tasks such as repairing windows and doors, removing skirting boards and renovating furniture.

Different types of clevis pin The strong jaws of carpenter’s pincers also make them ideal for pulling out clevis pins – a type of flexible metal fastener used to link moving parts.
Sailing boat on the sea Clevis pins come in various shapes and are used to secure rigging on sailing boats, and to link up trailers with towing vehicles. They are also found in lawnmowers, tractors and cars.
Ripping up piece of metal with carpenter's pincers Carpenter’s pincers are frequently used for dismantling work in vehicle body workshops and salvage yards.

Their tough jaws make them ideal for gripping and removing all sorts of components, ranging from pieces of bodywork to engine parts and seat covers.

Cutting horse shoe nail with pincers Pincers are essential for blacksmiths, too. They use them for pulling out nails when removing old horseshoes, then for bending the nails over and cutting them to the right length when fitting new shoes.


Cutting nail with carpenter's pincers Although carpenter’s pincers are primarily designed for gripping, you can also use them to cut through thin nails, wire or staples.

Sometimes this may be necessary if you can’t pull a nail out completely, so have to cut it flush with the surface. Farrier’s and potter’s pincers are usually best for cutting, as they tend to have sharper jaws.

Cutting lump of clay with length of wire They are also popular with potters for cutting wire. Lengths of thin craft wire are useful in many ways. You can use them to cut clay…
Separating pot from wheel with piece of wire …and to separate thrown pots from the wheel. You can also wrap lengths of wire around freshly shaped crockery and vases to make patterns.

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