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A Guide to Blocked Flues and Chimneys

 A guide to blocked flues and chimneys

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Wonkee Donkee Beautiful Fireplace which will require sweeping to keep safe and efficient A fireplace or wood burning stove can be a wonderful addition to your favourite gathering place, providing warmth, light, and a cosy ambiance. However, the chimney or flue must be carefully maintained to make sure that problems caused by soot and creosote build-up don’t impact the safety of your family.

What causes a chimney or flue to block?

Wonkee Donkee Creosote and Tar causing Chimney Fire should have been swept

Creosote and tar

The thick brown oily substance that forms on the inside of a chimney consists of creosote and tar, which are by-products of burning wood and fossilised fuels. This build-up reduces the efficiency of the boiler or stove and is a potential fire hazard.

Wonkee Donkee Tar and creosote build up can cause chimney fires and therefore regular sweeping of a chimney or flue is essential Regular cleaning eliminates the build-up of creosote and tar within the chimney or flue.
Wonkee Donkee Nest blocking chimney that needs sweeping with chimney rods


Birds, squirrels or other animals may get into the chimney or flue and cause problems including smells, noises, blockages, and even fires.

Wonkee Donkee Plants blocking chimney that should have been swept with chimney rods


Weeds and even young trees have been known to grow in or over a chimney, breaking apart the bricks with their root systems, attracting birds and animals and eventually blocking the chimney or flue completely.

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